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RSS_IIoT is a wireless cellular connection for 2-way data communication with a wide variety of remote equipment and Utility applications. “Plug n Play” architecture allows reading various analog sensors data and interfacing with digital IOs from PLC. Besides, the device supports RS485/MODBUS-RTU for industrial application. Its fail safe mechanism eliminates possibility of data loss even in adverse network connections. In case of network failure, modem resumes data transfer to cloud server upon connection restoration. Specially designed input power capability works even with solar powered remote stations operating at sub-10 V DC . The modem and ports are remotely configurable via our proprietary IOT web platform offering custom automation, alarms and analytics features.

Application Areas:

Solar Energy Monitoring,

Solar Energy Monitoring & Controlling,

Energy Management System,

Water & Air Quality Monitoring,


Sub station Monitoring & Control,

Wireless data transfer from data loggers,

DG Parameters Monitor & Control,

Sensors, Recorders,

RTU and PLC devices,

Energy, Gas and Fluid Meter manufactures,

Pumping stations & Control,

Remote monitoring & Control for Machines