Operation & Maintenance

All Solar Plants are considered as a long term investment and deemed to returns in consequences years. Similar to any other investments, all owners need to ensure from their end, these returns must be optimum and asset value will be safe for its long tenure of operation.
In general, Solar Panel not been cleaned for over a month and will give a power yield lesser than it’s rated capacity.
Due to several common and technical reasons power generation can fall by more than 30%-50%. Which causes risks of outages and downtime on account of connected component failure, electrical faults, generation loss, less cash flow etc. Mentioned causes are just a few of the occurrences which directly affect the bottom line. In conclusion Solar Plant must be in safe, expert & experienced working hand for long, healthy and wealthy run.

Our Offerings

  • Specialized Cleaning
  • Plant Uptime Checking (5 Times a Day)
  • Health Monitoring
  • Regular Reporting
  • Engineering Studies
  • Civil Maintenance
  • PR (Performance Ratio) Guarantee
  • Minimum Plant Downtime Guarantee
  • Sensors Calibration
  • Thermal Imaging 
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Power Analysis